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May 2009

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simfast510 in anolimiclife

watch tyra banks show tomorrow, it's about addicted to be thin. About the woman who's bulimic, a fake depressed to get the medicine so she cld lose weight from zolfot (sp?) pills. (interesting) I'm gonna watch it tmw..

I've been binged and purged a lot lately. Yesterday, I purged everything til my stomach got emptyy. I got all shaking, feel sick to my stomach, and weak. I thought i was going to faint but I wasn't, whew..

 I wanna bingeee so bad so I can purge to feel better. That's my addiction, and keep my weight the same. I don't want to gain weight, that's my fear. The last time I saw was 107lbs but right now where I am at I don't know. I haven't check lately. eek..

This winter, I'm going to take a fitness class at school. I don't care abt the people. I just wanna get my body all tone up instead of fat flabby skin.

I've noticed that every time I leave an entry, I don't get comments any more like I used to get back in 2004. I guess everything on livejournal is not the same like it used to be..

honestly I don't like people posting on entry abut how much calories they have. I think it's better to vent it all of the feelings out on the lj to share with the girls knowing that they are not the only one. You know? I am just saying that's all. I am not being noisy, I am just telling you how I feel.