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May 2009



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May. 8th, 2009


(no subject)

hey everyone
im new to this place.... i'm 23 years old, and im at med school.

i am the 3rd child my parents didnt want, and my 'family' abandoned me and my 'parents'
(if you would refered to them as parents ... who abused me for years)
blamed me for their divorce at the age of 11 years old, cut me out the family 11 years ago.

i grew up in a all girls catholic boarding school, since the age of 11- for 7 years, took a gap year and applied to med school...

well you can prob guess what a screwed up childhood would have done to me ED wise.

but i live off junk food, ewspecially when i binge...

i dont eat meat, im allergic to alchohol, dairy and wheat (gluten).

i cant have mirrors in my own room as i cant bear the sight of myself..
im distgusted with my weight and size...
aiming to loose 15lbs by new year....
so fighting a loosing battler....... cry*

its uni exam time... and as usual...  ... i am alone.stressed. freaking out, panicing
. and no suprises i am loosing control too...binge eating like crazy....

ive been like this for years... if i am busy ... i can keep it under control..
but i have a hunch that twhen i wake up tommoorrow... im gonna be full blown ana...
and it scares me yet makes me smile at the same time....
its frightening even trying to explain why i feel like that...

how are you all really doing?
- as i really need to know that im not alone, and that its normal to be beating myself up.....

i just want to be accepted ....

i cant beleive ive piled on 8kg over the last month... im so disgusted with myself!!!


Mar. 11th, 2008



Spamming. Sorry <3

Havn't posted here in a while, so i'm sorry to just randomly advertise.

A community for "thinspirational" picture sharing.
Members Only.
No photoshop or airburshing please.

Press join the community.

Sep. 30th, 2007




i used to be on here, i dont know 2 or 3 months ago, god that was so long ago. i got sidetracked with school and boyfriends and soooo much other stuff. but i went from eating very little to binging and purging quite often and put on 10 pounds and it sucks. i had great support on here before and ill need support to get down to my goal weight again.im here if anyone needs help at all.
  <3 xoxo katie

Sep. 13th, 2007




I know every hates these lol but I've been made a Mod. of a new community and i'm just letting you all know.

Right now i have a bunch of requests to join so I figure before I go through all of them, might as well get them all at once. :p


join the community.

It's alot smaller than this, so there's alot more time for your post to be read, and it's also like a little family.

(By the way, bad again today)

Sep. 9th, 2007


eeps I dont mean to steal your icon, I love this icon eh..

sighs) my roommate caught me throwing up. The door was unlocked. She was puzzled, "What are you doing? Throw up?" I was like shit and closed the door. "Fuck!" I opened the door, I looked down at the sink quietly and brushed my teeth.  She said, "U stick finger down in ur throat?" I said, "No." She was like  "fuck this, I am not talking to you"  I was like, you cant be mad at me because of my problem!  I laid down on my bed, and she came up to me said "I let you eat my foods, and your foods. You're wasting all of the foods u ate. Waste my money!" I was quiet, and didn't say anything. She said, "Fuck off" and she left. Then I told her on im, blah blah.. She said," You need a help, I am not talking to you anymore to help you to stop this. You're obsessed with being skinny, you are obessed. You need to stop, and get a help.."  I said nothing.

 I left from the apt and took my dog sophie for a walk. A long ass walk, then back to home. I saw the papers on the counter says hoag hospital. I was like gulped.. I hope its not for me. She can't do anything about it anyway because I'm 24 and I am her roommate. She can't do anything unless I make a decision to do it u know?

(sighs) I don't know what to do. What would u do if you were me?

* * *

Sep. 6th, 2007


(no subject)

watch tyra banks show tomorrow, it's about addicted to be thin. About the woman who's bulimic, a fake depressed to get the medicine so she cld lose weight from zolfot (sp?) pills. (interesting) I'm gonna watch it tmw..

I've been binged and purged a lot lately. Yesterday, I purged everything til my stomach got emptyy. I got all shaking, feel sick to my stomach, and weak. I thought i was going to faint but I wasn't, whew..

 I wanna bingeee so bad so I can purge to feel better. That's my addiction, and keep my weight the same. I don't want to gain weight, that's my fear. The last time I saw was 107lbs but right now where I am at I don't know. I haven't check lately. eek..

This winter, I'm going to take a fitness class at school. I don't care abt the people. I just wanna get my body all tone up instead of fat flabby skin.

I've noticed that every time I leave an entry, I don't get comments any more like I used to get back in 2004. I guess everything on livejournal is not the same like it used to be..

honestly I don't like people posting on entry abut how much calories they have. I think it's better to vent it all of the feelings out on the lj to share with the girls knowing that they are not the only one. You know? I am just saying that's all. I am not being noisy, I am just telling you how I feel.

Sep. 2nd, 2007


Heeyy girls

Lucky, I wish I'm 5'5 but no I'm 5'2 and 107 lbs ew. I wanna 100 or 99 but I probably look much the same at that weight. I haven't go over 120 lately. I'm bulimic though, I can't even leave the foods in my stomach. I cannot, I feel so ew and uncomfortable when it comes to bloated. (shrugged) last week I was depressed and didn't eat at all for 5 days due to depressed. I was 109 then down to 107 ehh? I kept on and off w/ eating out of control and after what? of course purged.

Well hope all is well with u girls.

Anyone want to talk? here's my yahoo sn is justsojanelle  =) Just feel free to talk with me at anytime if you need someone to talk with.

Aug. 7th, 2007


off topic

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and tell your friends about it too, make sure you tell them to let me know who sent you over to me and you'll get another gift from me! 

Let me know how many of you girls may be interested, so I have a heads up. 

Thanks yall!

Jul. 27th, 2007



sorry if this isnt allowed....



Jul. 21st, 2007

do you eat?


try this

sous_alimente it's a pretty supportive group

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