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May 2009

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simfast510 in anolimiclife

eeps I dont mean to steal your icon, I love this icon eh..

sighs) my roommate caught me throwing up. The door was unlocked. She was puzzled, "What are you doing? Throw up?" I was like shit and closed the door. "Fuck!" I opened the door, I looked down at the sink quietly and brushed my teeth.  She said, "U stick finger down in ur throat?" I said, "No." She was like  "fuck this, I am not talking to you"  I was like, you cant be mad at me because of my problem!  I laid down on my bed, and she came up to me said "I let you eat my foods, and your foods. You're wasting all of the foods u ate. Waste my money!" I was quiet, and didn't say anything. She said, "Fuck off" and she left. Then I told her on im, blah blah.. She said," You need a help, I am not talking to you anymore to help you to stop this. You're obsessed with being skinny, you are obessed. You need to stop, and get a help.."  I said nothing.

 I left from the apt and took my dog sophie for a walk. A long ass walk, then back to home. I saw the papers on the counter says hoag hospital. I was like gulped.. I hope its not for me. She can't do anything about it anyway because I'm 24 and I am her roommate. She can't do anything unless I make a decision to do it u know?

(sighs) I don't know what to do. What would u do if you were me?

* * *


this entry was posted long ago, but i knwo what this is like. roommates are insensitive and selfish. its not the saem like high school where people care.

i hope it worked out well!